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dcqueenking's Journal

The Queen & King's world of D.C.
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This community was designed for people who enjoy the art of photography. whether it be, digital photography, traditional, or something new and exciting.
Engage in conversation about your techniques, show off what you can do, or get opinions on certain pictures you've taken, or had taken of you.
35 mm, action finder, advantix film, adverse conditions, aero-stat piistols, amateur film, apertures, apple mac g3, aps camera, architecture, areal photography, autofocus, backgrounds, backlighting, balanced fill-in flash, ball and socket camera, bitmap, black and white film, blue toning, bracketing, ccd (charged coupled divice), cibachrome process, collages, color, colorama paper, compact flash, compression, contact sheets, cross processing, darkrooms, dedicated flash, digital cameras, digital mania, disposable camera, double exposure, dye transfer process, e6 film, enlargers, exposure, f-stop, filters, fish eye lense, foregrounds, fuji pictography, hand processing, hmi lighting, ics, infared, irfan viewer, iso, k rings, landscapes, light box, light meters, macro lense, marine photography, metering, midgrounds, mirror lenses, negatives, nudes, panorama, photo paper, photojournalism, photoshop, pin hole cameras, pixel, polarizing, polaroid, portfolios, portraits, r-type paper, rain, raves, red eye, reflectors, resolution, scanners, shutter, shutters, silhouette, slides, slr (single lense reflex), sports photography, still life photography, stopped down, stopped up, teleconverters, telelense, telephoto lense, ti85 film, toning, tripods, underwater photography, viewfinder, watercolor paper, wide-angle lense, zoom lense